Southeast Asia – Here I Come

Well things are getting real!

I just booked my flight from Cebu, Philippines to Bangkok, Thailand for a roughly 5/6 week solo Asian adventure until I head to Japan and back to Philippines. I’ll be heading over July 26th!

I’ve been busy with my brother’s wedding happening and all the family events, to really have some dedicated laptop time before passing out on the WordPress login page. Although I have had some time to update my Instagram. Check it out if you have the chance, comment and let me know my blog sent you over!



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I’m planning on wandering around Thailand for at least 2-ish of those weeks, a couple days in Laos, and then off to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Wish I had more time to spend in SEA but event work is calling in September and I am not sure I’ll have the funds to extend anyway. We’ll see how cheap it is to travel those countries… I’m not trying to be on a total shoestring budget but I’d like to end with some serious cash leftover for Japan, since I’ve heard it’s quite expensive to live/travel there!

Their skincare products, adorable trinkets, and fantastic Japanese cuisine are calling my name… Hello Sailor Moon & Gudetama merch.

I am excited to set off as this is one of the first trips abroad where I’m going to be really alone! The most I’ve figured out so far is booking my well-rated Bangkok hostel. I would also love to meet up with some fellow solo travelers along my trip.

Meanwhile, my destination next week in the Philippines in Siargao, a trendy surfer’s destination! I’ve tried a couple times to learn to surf, but have only managed once to actually get up and stand. Wish me luck and good ~waves~, otherwise I think you’ll see a ton of Instagrams of me laying on Siargao’s beaches soon.

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