Don't struggle! Try one of my methods to pick a new place to go and be on your way in a snap! How To: Pick Your Next Destination

How To: Pick Your Next Destination

Picking a destination can be overwhelming, especially with the constant feed of new places to go on Instagram or viral Facebook videos. Before you hop onto the plane or into a car the first thing you might want to do is choose the destination whether it is for a weekend or a month. Here are three ways to pick your next destination and eventually get you on the way of planning your next trip.

  • Throw a dart at a world map! Wherever it lands – that’s where you’re going. I haven’t personally tried this but I think I will for my next trip. Realistically I would give myself three darts for 3 destinations to pick out since I can’t help myself.

Multiple Maps lain over each other in a mess

  • Go by your budget. One of the ways I’ve picked a destination is by going wherever there is a flight deal. Saving money when I can while traveling is important, so choosing flight deals is often how I try to get around. I use websites such as Travel Pirates and Secret Flying. I also like to use the resource Google Flights which has a great “discover destinations” option to see pricing for literally every possible destination on your set dates. For my upcoming trip to Europe, I saw a crazy flight deal Delta was having and snatched it up back in November.

  • Surprise yourself and your travel partner! One company I’ve seen a lot of marketing and promotion online from is called Pack Up + Go. They apparently do all the planning for a 3-day weekend with a surprise destination in the United States. How cool is that? You give them a budget and they give you a whole itinerary and travel arrangements. I would actually love to try this out in the future!

So where do you think you’re going next?

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