Best Travel Gifts Guide of 2016

With the holidays coming up, I keep thinking about the travel items that I personally have used a bunch as potential gifts for my traveling friends and family. I also have been adding new travel gifts to my wish lists *cough* like a drone *cough*. I’m trying to become more minimalist as I usually travel with a small Tortuga backpack or one carry-on Travelpro suitcase but I can’t help but add more fun and useful things to my collection!

Friendly notice that this post contain some affiliate links. That means, I receive compensation (to help run this blog) if you purchase something using the links listed. I only promote products I trust or would personally purchase.

So enough of that, let’s get shopping! Here is my list of travel gifts to put on your own wish list or get for that ever-wandering traveler in your life:

1. Packing Cubes – eBags Medium Packing Cubes – 3pc Set (affiliate)Best Travel Gifts of 2016

I don’t know how I traveled before I got packing cubes… Well actually I do, my suitcase was a hot heavy mess. I attempted to compress all my clothes with plastic squeezable compression bags, clothes rolling, and by just attempting to fold and shove them all into my bag.  Now my suitcases are usually 75 percent less confusing. Packing cubes make traveling easier by keeping clothing organized and compressed neatly! I’m able now to stuff well over a week’s worth of clothes (dresses, tops, bottoms, and pajamas) into just one eBag medium-sized packing cube. There are ton of other options out there but my eBags have been tough contenders surviving potential rips and overstuffing.

2. Gift Cards – AirBnB Gift Card

Best Travel Gifts of 2016

Ah, the gift card generally a fail-safe option for any gift recipient, but don’t just buy any kind of gift card – get a travel related one that is sure to be used! Personally since I prefer to stay in AirBnB’s while traveling I’d love to get a gift card for my next potential stay. Maybe not the AirBnB type? Why not an airline gift card like Southwest or maybe a hotel gift card? There’s gift cards for all kinds of travelers out there.

3. Instant Camera – Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (White) (affiliate)

Best Travel Gifts of 2016

There’s a few other instant camera options out there, but this “polaroid” style camera has been the one of the best travel & photography gifts. I also love that there’s a multiple colors available like purple (affiliate) or yellow (affiliate). Having an instant film camera helps makes friends fast while solo, since everyone usually wants to get in on the picture. It’s also awesome to capture memories instantly. I tape and glue the pictures into my scrapbook or travel journal to accompany my written recaps.

4. Travel Maps – Scratch Map of the World

Best Travel Gifts of 2016

I have the scratch world map and it’s definitely one of the best travel related gifts I’ve received. A perfect visual tool for keeping track of where I’ve been and where I want to go next! Deluxe version option available too! There’s also other interactive maps like this US National Park map for those who live to explore the USA’s national treasures.

5. Travel Journal – Leather Explorer Journal

Travel Journal - Best Travel Gifts of 2016

As long as you know the person you’re buying one for (or yourself) will actually use it, this is an awesome travel gift keepsake for the serial traveler. The Etsy shop where I received mine from no longer sells travel journals but Etsy has a ton of other options from minimalist to fancy. I prefer one with sturdy binding and a harder cover to to protect it during any rough travels!

6 . Foldable Water Bottle – Vapur Element Bottle – Water 1-Liter, (34oz) (affiliate)

Best Travel Gifts of 2016 - Vapur Water BottleThe Vapur is probably my favorite type of water bottle especially for travel besides the S’well bottle I have. It’s got a carabiner style clip to clip onto backpack/bag straps and anywhere else you want it handy! It is flat and tiny when folded and stored when unused like while going through airport security, but this Vapur does holds a full liter. I also haven’t experienced any leakage or spills with this type of bottle. Definitely a top environmentally friendly travel gift for anyone.

7. Travel Themed Macbook or iPhone Case – World Travel – Macbook Air Case 13 inches (affiliate)

Travel Macbook Case - Best Travel Gifts of 2016Best Travel Gifts of 2016

Cases can be a perfect travel gift for a digital nomad! There’s a lot of travel themed electronic cases out there like this globe & architecture Macbook case (affiliate) or even an iPhone case (affiliate). I love the suitcases on this iPhone case from Deny Designs. Deny Designs options are truly unique since the designs are from artists all over the world and there’s thousands of designs on their site like this “wanderlust” iPhone case.

8. Travel Towel – Packtowl Personal Ultra-Soft Towel (affiliate)

Best Travel Gifts of 2016 - Travel Towel

A travel towel is essential and should be any backpacker’s travel gifts wish list! I actually met a few people who regretted not bringing one to Southeast Asia. They couldn’t find travel towels anywhere there, since many hostels rent out their towels (annoying right?). This one in particular has anti-microbial properties, dries super fast, and can withstand being used repeatedly before needing any sort of wash. Travel towels can be used on the beach and as a blanket in desperate times too!

9. Travel Inspired Coloring Book – Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book (affiliate)

Lonely Planet Coloring Book - Best Travel Gifts of 2016

The perfect gift for downtime spent while on a train, plane, or hopefully not too bumpy bus ride. This coloring book can be used for a little travel inspiration while stuck at home too. There’s a couple other options out there as well such as this cute coloring book (affiliate) and this city and scenery coloring book (affiliate). Don’t forget the colored pencils or crayons!

And that completes my list of best travel gifts for 2016. Have you received any travel gifts you rave about? I’d love to hear about them in a comment (to add them to my own list)!

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