Best Travel Gifts Guide of 2016

With the holidays coming up, I keep thinking about the travel items that I personally have used a bunch as potential gifts for my traveling friends and family. I also have been adding new travel gifts to my wish lists *cough* like a drone *cough*. I’m trying to become more minimalist as I usually travel with a small Tortuga backpack or one carry-on Travelpro suitcase but I can’t help but add more fun and useful things to my collection!

Friendly notice that this post contain some affiliate links. That means, I receive compensation (to help run this blog) if you purchase something using the links listed. I only promote products I trust or would personally purchase.

So enough of that, let’s get shopping! Here is my list of travel gifts to put on your own wish list or get for that ever-wandering traveler in your life:

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Global Entry or Why I Ended Up in Detroit Alone

I felt like I was at Disney World with the magical FastPass, but in reality I had just gotten off a 13 hour flight from South Korea and just wanted to get home. Thank goodness for Global Entry allowing me a swift exit and the ability to skip the long lines of tourists and travelers arriving at O’Hare International Airport.

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Explore Luang Prabang - AirKeena

A Short Stint in Luang Prabang


I almost skipped Laos, because I’d honestly never met anyone who had been there and hadn’t heard much about the country on backpacking and travel groups (which by the way are a godsend for last minute advice).

I’m glad I didn’t.

The view flying into Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai in Thailand was mindblowing and incredibly stunning.


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A 3-Day Guide to Siargao

This is the main place to surf (or at least try to) in the Philippines!

Guide to Siargao, Philippines

I just got back from a trip to the beautiful Siargao Island! I already want to go back and stay for much longer. Add Siargao to your must-see list now while in the Philippines! You can definitely do all that I did in 2 days but you will be on a serious time crunch.

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Out of the Zone; Into the World

I’ve always enjoyed the excitement and sensations of traveling. The packing, waiting to board a plane, and then struggling to fit all I’ve brought back into my bag when I eventually have to go home.

I’ve made it my goal to travel more – domestically and internationally- and explore more, especially alone. Pushing myself to be out of my comfort zone literally and hoping to make every trip an adventure.

Thanks for coming along with me virtually. Leave a comment so I know you were here!